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Intelligence means realizing the difference between short-term gains which mean nothing, and long-term strategies which provide a framework for lasting and collective success.  The worst part about myopic short-term gains is that they incentivize and sustain a culture of lazy, vicious entitlement with silly priorities.  The intelligent thing to do is to approach our work with the aim of addressing real needs while building sustainable frameworks. 

What does it take to be a true Silicon Valley law practice?  Commitment, intelligence, and focus.  A commitment to addressing and optimally resolving your legal needs.  The intelligence to understand that the approach which works best for everyone in the long run, the approach that makes your company better, is one that seeks to resolve your legal issues in the context of what works for your greater community.  And the focus to ignore the foolishness embraced by those who worry about meaningless appearances, who squander their resources, and who repeatedly fail to understand that to make something work, you have to understand its basic parts.  The pursuit of that understanding is elevated here, not ignored for the sake of over-billing and fooling you into thinking something of value is being delivered instead of meaningless finery.  Substance as the core is combined with functional elegance.  That is what it means to be a true Silicon Valley law practice.



Gauging integrity requires a track record.  Over time, it becomes evident who and what firms are there to feed into a culture of cronyism, and who is committed to, first, understanding our systems, second, providing effective counsel whose primary aim is not divestment of clients from their funds, and, third, improving our systems.  Integrity means realizing that these these three aspects are not mutually exclusive, but are in fact inter-related and essential for your company's success and everyone's viability.

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